How I Got My Hair Back To Healthy

Ok! Can we get real today? Like REALLLLL! This is one of the most vulnerable posts I’ve done (in a vain sort of way) because sharing pictures from my younger, rebellious, partying days really is not only hard for me in an embarrassing way but slightly, physically, painful way as well! I mean if were all being honest here most of us would love to box up our old photos tied to bad memories & hair days & light the sucker on fire RIGHT? Well nope- Here I am; sharing mine on the internet- for the entire world to see. I’d like to think for good reasons though because one of the biggest questions I get from people who knew me & the history with my hair is “how in the F**K did you get it looking normal again & how did you get it to grow after it was practically falling out!!!??!!!??”

To give you all a little more of an idea I went ahead and created a little timeline. So without further ado (& please be nice to me) I give you my hair’s history 😉 –

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How to get the best results with the Clarisonic Mia2

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to switch it up on you & share something different. I want to talk about skin care & what the Clarisonic Mia 2 has done for my beauty routine. I have used many other cleansing brushes such as the Clinique sonic & Proactive cleansing brush. In their defense both actually work great but I never really took care of either of them. For Christmas my hunny got me the new Clarisonic Mia2  so I could get back to a healthier fresh faced me & the results have been remarkable!

I’ve never really had the best skin. I was a picker & a popper as a teenager  ( ICK) which caused some small scaring as well as a lot of discoloration, black heads & occasional pimples. I noticed more of this especially after baby. Recently though I decided to take my skin care routine more seriously & put in the work. The result of this? A better face of course & I have to give my Clarionsic a lot of credit for it.

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Safe Tanning Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun

Prior to pregnancy I was an active tanning bed goer. I started in High School and consistently tanned till I was 24 weekly. It wasn’t something I did daily which in my head made it ok. I of course discontinued my ways once finding out I was expecting and for the first time in 7 years my natural color was revealed. Now since my son was born I found a new profound respect for my skin and need to protect it from the suns harsh effects. Blame it on the milk pumping Greys Anatomy binges for getting me all concerned.

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